M2S 3d cardiovascular disease clinical

M2S Preview is an advanced surgical planning software service and tool for 3D reconstructions of Cardiovascular Disease using CT Dicom images. We provide surveillance, a viewer, measurements, and tools for quick accurate planning, for better tracking of patient vascular trends / history, and for better outcomes.

Our goal is to assist surgical teams in achieving the best possible outcomes with digital 3D models, enhanced visualization, and specific measurement suites designed to compliment your patient treatment plans. We understand the importance of patient and customer privacy.

Anatomies range from Carotids to Runoffs, to more typical AAA or TAA studies. We will consider most anything Vascular related with CT Dicom Imaging, even Non-Contrast studies!

We offer other services for Research, Special Projects, or Clinical Trials.

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M2S 3d cardiovascular disease clinical

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